Example on how can you use Playmobil Pro in workshops

Roles, behaviours and expectations workshop

"When you have fun, your brain releases dopamine. Without fun, peak performance is practically impossible" - F. Fabritius 'The Leading brain - Neuroscience hacks to Work Smarter, Better, Happier'

Connection exercise at the beginning of the workshop - a strong start makes the difference for the participants and for how the whole workshop will be happening

Why connection exercise?

  • According to Self-determination theory (Edward Deci and Richard Ryan) , human beings have three basic psychological needs: a need for autonomy, competence, and relatedness (connection). 

  • Connect to past experiences, to somethimg meanighful to you and connect with anyone who might have similar experiences or some from which you can learn/find out new things - inspired from Sharon Bowman Training from the Back of the Room methodology

  • Storytelling helps you share an experience while involving people in a familiar and safe environment.

Image by Folu Eludire

The innovative training was focusing on how to solve problems in a structured way, inspired from Design Thinking principles and also from Training from the back of the room methodology.

While practicing through games and different specific use cases, the team was confident at the end to commit to action points in order to continue in daily job what they practiced.

Image by Mika Baumeister
Flowers on Wood




They also chosed to create pair coaching teams to follow up on the action points together in their team and become better week by week.

It was a chance for me to be guiding a team which is usually focusing on numbers, documents and busy clients and see the team members focusing instead on how to grow, how to improve working together, try new ideas and bring forward the valued outcome of the company.

Thank you for all your determination!